Our purpose

We promote eco-innovation as a leverage or a more competitive company, a more humane economy and a more resilient society.


What do we do?

We are a platform in a liminal space specialized in innovation for sustainability in a public-private framework of collaboration and with a multisectoral and multi-agent approach.

We are the evolution of the Eco-innovation Laboratory, created seven years ago to introduce the concept of eco-innovation as a business competitiveness strategy.

What are we?

We boost eco-innovation

in companies, people, cities and territories, as a leverage to move towards sustainability

We analyse trends

in public policies and regulation, facilitating the debate and proposing identified alternatives ideas

We activate gatherings

between professionals, companies and other actors interested in sustainable innovations

We make visible leaders of change

as an element of business competitiveness, economic resilience and promotion of social and sustainable development

We promote knowledge

about sustainable innovation, through open and public training and crafted


Facilitating public-private interconnections in order to exchange perspectives, to contrast and to incubate



Identifying and sharing engaging ecoinnovation stories.


Regulatory and Policy Corner

Debating and identifying trends in regulation and public policies.


Ecoinnova Akademy

Training teams to develop new ideas.


Ecoinnova Club

Promoting collective intelligence and exchange of ideas.


Our experience

Scope of action

We are looking for impact in



Business decisions have an influence potential that far exceeds their scope of performance.  They are extended in time, depending on the useful life of the product or its investments and in the territory, upstream and downstream of the entire value chain.



The territorial landscape is as dynamic as diverse. Interurban, rural and natural spaces are rich in nuances and deserve their prominence as key environments to favor sustainable development and facilitate the compatibility of the multiple economic and human activities that take place there.



The city is a center of exchange between citizens, companies and institutions that facilitates continuous evolution and human interaction. An environment of movement and coexistence in constant update to guarantee its sustainability.



People become agents of change with great transformation potential through the fact of consuming, living, moving or relating. Most of the impacts on our environment come from the decisions of individuals in purchase, investment, mobility, leisure or consumption. Through consuming, living, moving or interacting, people become agents of change with the potential for transformation, on which there are great opportunities to innovate.

About us

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Alba Cabañas

Economist, specialized in sustainability and business. Promoting innovative solutions to complex challenges

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Julio Panizo

Historian, focused on building stories and relationships. Building bridges to encourage change

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Markel Cormenzana

Engineer and transition designer, guessing how to (creatively) be a better ancestor

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Collaboration schemes

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You decide how!

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of sustainable innovation in your territory, sector or organization that wants to promote various activities around new challenges.



of successful stories, facilitation dynamics and innovation activities that we promote.



to add knowledge, plurality, visibility and access to target audiences in any of our areas of action.



in everything related to innovation and sustainability.

Become a catalyst for ecoinnovation.